We choose to be a family that points people
in the San Francisco Bay Area to Jesus

As a family, we demonstrate
Passion for God’s presence
Passion for God’s truth
Passion for God’s mission

Core Values

1. The Word of God

God’s Word, the Gospel, is inspired by the Holy Spirit bringing conviction and transformation of lives. We recognize that it is the ultimate authority for Christian faith and practice, and that good theology and doctrine comes from a proper knowledge of God’s Word. To know His will is to know His Word, and we value the daily study of God’s Word.

2. Prayer and worship

The effectiveness of the church in Acts came through the power of the Spirit and Prayer. Prayer reminds us that God is in charge and works powerfully through His obedient servants. “Prayer is not preparation for the work of the Kingdom, it is the work of the Kingdom” (E.M. Bounds). We also worship God intentionally during our gatherings, as well with our lives at work and home. Worship is a lifestyle God calls His church to live out.

3. Community through home-groups

We believe in making BIG things smaller. Home groups offer a smaller, more intimate environment where people can feel cared for and have the opportunity to grow deeper with God and with each other through a family of other brothers and sisters in Jesus.

4. Missional lifestyle

We want our lives to reflect Christ and to make Him known through our sharing of our faith, weekly gatherings, and our focus on local and overseas missions.  We want to train up Christ-centered leaders who will impact the world so that one day every nation, tribe, and tongue are worshiping God.

5. Intentional discipleship

Jesus commissioned His church to make disciples so that the name of Jesus will thrive for generations until He returns again.  We seek to encourage, strengthen, admonish, and empower one another in order to grow as disciples, while being forgiving and compassionate, understanding that each person is a work in progress.

6. The local church

While acknowledging God’s global church, we recognize God created local churches to accomplish His Great Commission. In fact, this is where the global church is made visible in the world (Newbigin). Each local church is unique with a distinct group of believers contributing their distinct gifts. Through each member’s commitment to be a part of the local church by serving and giving financially, God is able to use the local church to bless others and experience His blessings.

Statement of Faith

1. The Bible is Inspired by God & Without Error

2. There is One True God

3. The Lord Jesus Christ is Fully God & Fully Human

4. The Fall of Humankind in Sin

5. The Salvation of Humankind in Christ

6. The Role of the Holy Spirit

7. The Blessed Hope of Christ’s Return


Nathan Wesson serves as the Senior pastor of Livingwater Church. He and his wife, Jaime, are both ordained ministers who have been married for twenty years and have two children– Isaac and Chloe. Nathan has been in ministry since 2000: he was a founding pastor at UNTchialpha in Denton, Texas for 15 years until God called him to California in 2017. Jaime has raised many women ministers under her leadership as well, and has a passion for writing and mentoring. The Wessons are passionate about Jesus and His Church, reaching the people in the Bay area, and equipping the next generation through leadership training. Together, Nathan and Jaime enjoy providing couples seminars and counselling. The Wessons also serve as Livingwater elders.

Nathan Wesson, Senior Pastor

Honest / Approachable / Passionate / Lifelong learner / Accidentally humorous

Golf, Reading, Food critic, Puzzles, Anything techie

Pet Peeves

Most Likely to
Dance during movie credits, Create original words and phrases

Jaime Wesson, Elder

Nurturing / Down to Earth / Wise / Encouraging / Witty

Writing, reading, anything nature-oriented, running

Pet Peeves
Having too much to carry

Most Likely to
Listen, pray at length, come up with new ideas
Joshua Kim oversees our college ministry at Livingwater Church. After working at Disney World, he went into full time ministry in 2002 to do youth ministry and performing arts ministry in Florida. Joshua founded Livingwater Berkeley college ministry in 2008, and served as interim senior pastor for two years. Hana Kim’s missional background comes from Youth With A Mission (since 2002). She serves as an elder and the art director at Livingwater. The Kims have been married since 2014 and are both passionate about loving the Lord, caring for members and young couples at Livingwater through counselling and hospitality as well as doing international missions (currently focusing on Japan).

Joshua Kim, Associate Pastor

Committed / Steadfast / Servant

24hr Fitness, basketball, gardening

Pet Peeves
Rice being too dry

Most Likely to
Dance like Goofy

Hana Kim, Art Director

Honest / Artistic / Hospitable / Encouraging

Movies, painting, reading, enjoying nature

Pet Peeves
Bad designs

Most Likely to
Say yes to a movie night
Garfield serves as our Discipleship and Young Adults Pastor. He was born into a family of preachers and musicians, so he envisioned a career in music, but God called him into ministry. In his 20 years of ministry, he developed a passion for teaching and leadership development. He later attended seminary and earned four graduate degrees including a Doctor of Ministry in Global Leadership.

He is married to Mimi (2013) whom he enjoys serving alongside in ministry, and they have two sons: Brenten and Tyler. The Harveys are passionate about leadership development but also prioritize helping people find the love and grace of Jesus. They believe Christ is the best thing about them because a relationship with Him changes everything.

Garfield Harvey, Associate Pastor

Honest / Teacher / Dependable / Patient / Strategic

Writing, music, reading, sports, cartoons

Pet Peeves
When things are out of place

Most Likely to
Create a strategic plan, watch an action movie

Shermika “Mimi” Harvey

Compassionate / Adventurous / Eclectic / Authentic / Trustworthy

Writing, singing, movies, creative arts, travel

Pet Peeves

Most Likely to
Have a random dance break, challenge the impossible