God sets the lonely in families. He welcomes us by spiritual adoption as His children. Healthy families help one another grow and demonstrate love by bearing one another’s burdens.

Word and Spirit

God’s Word, the Gospel, is inspired by the Holy Spirit bringing conviction and transformation. We root our life in God’s truth not in emotions and experiences alone. As we live, we recognize that the Holy Spirit is working in our lives and we want to listen to and obey His voice. We also want to be witnesses, filled with the Holy Spirit as God used the New Testament church.

Presence Driven

Prayer reminds us that God is in charge and works powerfully through His obedient servants. Worship is a lifestyle God calls His church to live out. Our Christian life is about encountering the Living God on a regular basis, entering into a trusting relationship with our Creator, Redeemer, and Comforter.

A Church of Small Groups

Small groups offer a smaller and more intimate environment. We are not a church with small groups, but a church of small groups. All members should be integrated into a small group in order to facilitate growth, maturity, edification, accountability and worship of God.

Disciples On Mission

We seek to encourage, strengthen, admonish, and empower one another in order to grow as disciples, while being forgiving and compassionate. We seek to find a Paul, be a Barnabus, and train up a Timothy as the Bible demonstrates. We also want our lives to reflect Christ and to make Him known through sharing our faith. We exist to glorify God for the sake of Christ and the gospel.


While acknowledging God’s global church, we recognize God created local churches to accomplish His Great Commission. Commitment to a local church is a part of God’s plan. The mission of Christ will not be accomplished by pastors, but by the members. It’s too big for a few people. We are generous with our time, talents, and financial resources so that our church may be able to accomplish the work of reaching the Bay Area and the nations.