Serving God's Purpose in Our Generation

All of us have been created to make an impact with the life God has given us. Our impact has both a beginning and an ending, and rarely do we discover when or if those moments will converge. Acts 13:36 reminds us that God's church will outlast us individually, yet we have an obligation to serve God's purpose in our assigned generation. 

For 20 years, the name Livingwater Church served a unique purpose in Berkeley. I honor every leader who has made significant contributions over those years because I'm standing on the shoulders of your obedience to God. I've never met most of you but thank you for creating space for a church like this to make an impact in the life of people. 

This next season, God is raising a new generation to serve His purpose under a new identity but with the same mission of impacting the lives of people in our community. Change can be difficult because we're losing something. But deep down we know, change is inevitable. So, we patiently reframe our thinking to discover what we can gain during a moment of change.

As we step into this moment of change, we remember what God has done through the stories we've heard. Now we embrace this glorious moment of things to come, serving God's purpose in our generation (Acts 13:36).

This is our new season: Emerge Berkeley


With Honor,

Pastor Garfield

Emerge Berkeley